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1999 Dodge Diesel PCM

Your 1999 Dodge Diesel contains an important microprocessor called a powertrain control module. Many people refer to it as the vehicle's "computer." If this equipment stops working properly, your transmission, engine and other systems will malfunction. However, you should only replace a PCM after carefully diagnosing the problem.

The Right Part

Be sure to select the appropriate PCM for your 1999 Dodge Diesel. A slightly different unit might appear identical, but it will fail or perform poorly. Two modules that look the same may hide small differences in calibration or internal wiring.

We Test, Reprogram, Repair, Dodge Diesel ECMs

For Dodge Rams 2500 & 3500 with 5.9 & 6.7 Cummins auto computers, We do testing, reprogramming, VIN changes, repair and replacements…No Communication? No problem, we can bring them BACK To LIFE!!!!

We can repair, Voltage Regulator Problems, Fans, Fuel Pumps, Transmission, Broken Plugs & Pins, Injectors, A/C, Wait to start light and Removal of P0600 Codes on 5.9 Cummins computers.


When you buy a replacement unit for your Dodge from us, it will be fully programmed to your exact VIN & mileage, and ready to run in your vehicle.  All of the latest software updates available from Dodge will be installed.  No additional programming will be needed


The vast majority of aftermarket computers have been remanufactured. This makes them much less expensive than newly produced modules. The remanufacturing process involves thorough testing and repairs. A PCM doesn't contain any moving parts, so all intact components remain in place. Technicians consider them to be as good as new.

We sell remanufactured units when they perform custom rebuilds or accept OEM modules in exchange. You may find that a local auto part or repair shop doesn't offer PCMs for older vehicles like the 1999 Dodge Diesel.

Installation Advice

It isn't particularly hard to disconnect an old PCM and attach a replacement unit. However, you may have difficulty accessing it. You might need to remove a seat or work in hard-to-reach areas behind the console. Always remember to detach the battery cable before disconnecting a defunct module. Only reconnect it after installing the new unit.

Look at the lights on your Dodge's dashboard after replacing the PCM. A lighted malfunction or "check engine" indicator shows that another component is causing the problem and still needs repair. However, there's a slight possibility that the new computer has something wrong with it and has reported its own failure.

Relearning Process

After you successfully replace a faulty PCM, keep in mind that your 1999 Dodge Diesel may not function entirely normally. It could take some time to relearn your driving habits. Compared to idling, shifting might take longer to return to normal. You can expedite this process by remembering to drive your Dodge soon after installation; make sure you reach at least 40 mph.

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