Caterpillar Diesel ECMs

Replacing a Caterpillar ECM 

Caterpillar is one of the most well-known manufacturers of construction equipment in the world. They offer heavy vehicles and machinery like backhoe loaders, dragliners, dozers, compactors, and drills.

These are some of their more popular machinery, but these also happen to be the equipment they based their entire brand off.

Besides offering the machines necessary for most sites, they are also responsible for manufacturing the equipment necessary for these machines, such as ECMs (Engine Control Modules). All of their heavy machinery has an ECM housed inside which acts as the brain of any good machine.

Caterpillar machines continue to get smarter with each model, as they produce machines like telematics to monitor engine performance, advanced hydraulics systems, and emission regulation. All of these machines are getting smarter with each of its newest installments.

What does a Cat's control module do?

As the brain of most machinery, ECMs have been getting smarter. They are able to categorize better and organize the information that the machine takes in from various sensors while making decisions as to how the machine should respond to or use that information. Furthermore, all of the controls that the drivers use also flow through the ECM, which can further categorize the data and sends it to different parts of the machine to get the necessary output.

We have an extensive range of reprogrammed and rebuilt ECMs that we can reprogram, rebuild, and calibrate specifically for your machine. The ECMs we offer include:

·       C-7 ECM

·       C-15 ECM

·       C-13 ECM

·       C-12 ECM

·       3406 ECM

·       3176 ECM

·       3126 ECM

What Makes Remanufactured Cat ECMs a Better Choice?

ECMs act as the brains of any heavy machinery, as they process raw data and decide on the necessary steps to take about said data. They are an essential part of any machinery, but they also happen to be one of the most expensive parts to replace. New ones can often cost thousands of dollars and can be difficult to install.

Furthermore, these newer ECMs will often not have the necessary calibration to start working right after installing them. Instead, you will have to recalibrate the newer ECMs to your machine, which can often cost extra. Therefore, one of the first real benefits that come with getting remanufactured ECMs is that they are cheaper.

Offer much more valuable than Brand new ECMs

The first real benefit of using remanufactured ECMs is that they are marginally cheaper than newer ones. While it may be obvious that the old ones are cheaper than the new ones, the more surprising fact is just how much you can save with a used version.

Older versions can drop between 25% and 50% in price while offering the same efficiency as the newer ones. And if we are selling you remanufactured ECMs, the price will also include unique calibration for your machine, further saving you more in costs. They can often be a better investment for your company, especially when you have a limited budget to work with.

Repairing vs. replacing a Cat ECM

When running into trouble with an ECM, you will often have two options on your hand. You could replace your ECM with a new one, or you could repair the old one. Repairs for ECMs are often time-consuming endeavors that only professionals like ourselves can take on.

Replacing your Cat ECM

Without an ECM, heavy machinery will cease to function, which is why you may be in a rush to fix it quickly. If the repair tends to take a little more time, many will prefer replacing the unit together. However, this should only be an option if repairing the old unit is not possible since buying a new one can come with unique challenges.

Finding the right ECM can be difficult enough, but then you will also have to calibrate it to the right device. This calibration can cost a lot and take time, both of which are things that you can avoid if you repair the ECM instead.

Even if you buy a remanufactured ECM, there are various costs associated with it that can make it inconvenient. So if replacement is not a viable option for many, then the next best thing is to repair the ECM.

Repairing the ECM

If any ECM is not functioning properly, there is also a chance to repair it. Repairing often includes recalibrating the ECM or fixing the internal system, both of which can be marginally cheaper than replacing it altogether. The repairing service from a professional is also one that is worth getting because of their incredible attention to detail.

Professionals know how to repair the ECM and will do it quickly, ensuring that you do not have to wait long. They can also offer a warranty and guarantee that the device with its new repairs will work perfectly fine.

Caterpillar, the Most Iconic Heavy Machinery Manufacturer in the World

There are few things as popular as Caterpillar, which has grown into one of the most noticeable brands in the world. Not only are they famous for their heavy machinery, but they have also made a name for themselves in consumer electronics such as phones or footwear such as their CAT line of boots.

However, the original Caterpillar brand traces all the way back to 1925, when C.L Best tractor and Holt Manufacturing merged. The new entity that came as a result of the merger was the Caterpillar Tractor Company. The organization kept its original name until 1986 when the firm reorganized as a Delaware corporation by the name of Caterpillar Inc.

Along with focusing on creating heavy machinery suited for various industrial tasks, such as engines and machines, they have also started to focus on sustainable machines and operations. They provide the services, products, and work environments that can allow companies to make efficient use of their resources.

They are also one of the few companies that have understood the impact that they have on the environment, which is why they are focusing their efforts on utilizing their resources more efficiently