Ford Diesel ECMs

 PCM Diesel ECM/PCM (1996-2003)
 PCM Diesel FICM (2003-2009)
 PCM Diesel IDM (1995-2003)

Ford Diesel Computers

Built Ford Tough goes the saying - and with good reason. From commercial vehicles to pickup trucks to muscle cars to luxury cars, Ford Motor Company produces and has produced some of the highest quality and most popular vehicles in history. It typifies the American car industry and is likely the first company that people think of when they think of an all American car brand.

Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford Motor Company went on to change the world as we know it. By creating the assembly line and taking advantage of the assembly line and economies of scale, Ford produced high quality vehicles that were affordable for the middle class for the first time. From the Model-T and Model-A, all the way up to the Mustang and F-150, Ford continues to produce a range of vehicles that are practical, fun, powerful, and safe.

Few vehicles embody the Ford brand better than their line of medium and heavy duty trucks. Whether it is an F-150, a turbo diesel V8 F-250, or a massive super duty F-450, if you need a truck get you to the jobsite, tow heavy equipment, or carry heavy loads, then a Ford is what you need to complete the job right.

Engine Computers for Ford Diesel Trucks

Diesel engines can offer superior torque, better horsepower, and more efficient fuel economy. But the engines can only do their job if you have an engine computer module that is doing its. In diesel engines, the computer controls the direct injection process that brings fuel into the cylinder and makes the engine run.

This is especially important when starting a diesel engine in cold weather, as the compression process required for combustion may not raise the air to a high enough temperature to ignite the fuel. The computer can sense the air temperature and adjust the timing of the engine in cold weather so the injector sprays the fuel at a later time. The air in the cylinder is compressed more, creating more heat, which aids in starting.

We offer the following computers for Ford diesel engines, all rebuilt and reprogrammed to work with your specific year and model vehicle:

  • Diesel ECM/PCM, 1996-2003

  • Diesel FICM, 2003-2009

  • Diesel IDM, 1995-2003

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