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Detroit: A City Built By Companies like Detroit Diesel

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Detroit is a city that was built on invention, innovation, and the power of machines. It grew rapidly on the backs of notable industrialists and innovators who created companies like Ford Motor Company, Dodge, Chrysler, and Detroit Diesel. Today is no different. Detroit is quickly emerging from its 40 year decline akin to the phoenix rising from its own ashes. Midtown and downtown are surging towards each other creating a continuous vibrant urban scene all the way from Wayne State University to the Detroit River.

Critical to its rebirth are companies like Detroit Diesel. It weathered the storm in the second half of the 20th century and now is here as the storm clouds are quickly clearing. Detroit Diesel offers a complete line of heavy-duty diesel engines, axles, transmissions, safety systems and connected vehicle services for the commercial transportation industry in both the on-highway and vocational markets. They have built more than 5 million engines since 1938, more than 1 million of which are still in operation worldwide. Detroit Diesel's product line includes engines, axles, transmissions, and Virtual Technician.

High quality, longevity, and durability are the words that best describe Detroit Diesel products. Currently a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, Detroit Diesel engines, transmissions, and axles are used in extensively in several models of trucks they manufacture.

Detroit Diesel ECMs

No matter how large or powerful a Detroit Diesel engine may be, you won't get very far without a high quality, correctly programmed ECM to match it. The Engine Control Module is the brain of any engine, and that goes for Detroit Diesel engines as well. You need an ECM that is programmed to work with your specific engine so it can accurate monitor and measure engine performance, make any necessary adjustments to increase power or efficiency, and keep your engine running smooth for years to come.

At Diesel ECM Exchange, we offer a range of ECM models including, DDEC II ECM, DDEC III ECM, DDEC IV ECM, and DDEC II ECM. All you have to do is give us your make, model, and year, and we'll provide the perfect ECM for your engine, allowing it to operate at its full potential.