Mack Diesel ECMs

Mack Diesel Computers

Mack trucks haul, tow, carry, and dump the heaviest materials over the longest distances. From moving goods across country to transporting gravel and dirt to and from worksites, Mac trucks can do it all. But their outstanding performance is due in large part to the proper functioning of the engine control modules in their engines.

These modules are computers that act as these truck's brain. And in order to efficiently, quickly, and safely move tons and tons of material over long distances, these beasts need a smart and healthy brain. A proper functioning ECM monitors and controls vital engine activity, from fuel injection to electrical systems to exhaust regulation and environmental protection.

At Diesel ECM Exchange, we offer factory rebuilt, fully repaired ECMs that are programmed to work seamlessly with your specific truck's engine in order to give you optimal performance day in and day out. You can't cut corners when it comes to such a vital engine component.

Behind the Brand: Mack Diesel Trucks

Mack trucks go back over 100 years. Formerly having produced busses and trolleys along with trucks, the company went on to produce solely heavy and medium duty trucks for a wide range of potential applications.

Today they continue to excel at that task and produce the highest quality trucks on the road. They sell their trucks in 45 countries and have factory, manufacturing, and distribution centers around the world. Mack trucks are so pervasive in the industry that in the United States, the term "Big Mac Truck" has become expression referring to all heavy and medium duty semi-trucks.